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…arrange your next mortgage with an expert coming to YOU!

If you are about to start searching for a new mortgage it could be a lot easier than you think. There are of course so many options, such as visiting your local high street bank, or dipping into online search comparison sites, but just imagine having a professional mortgage expert coming to you in the comfort of your own home.

Local mortgage specialists Homeline Mortgages offer such a service and say that for some clients it has been a real boon to helping the process go smoothly.

Vicky Baggette, MD at Homeline Mortgages says it is all part of their commitment to customer service. “For us it’s all about helping our clients arrange a mortgage with as little stress as possible. We know that anything relating to financial services can be daunting which is why we help with the admin as well as sourcing the most suitable mortgage for each individual client. Our advisers are extremely knowledgeable and, as we are independent and can search the whole of market, we can source the best deal from the many different options out there, from main high street names to lesser known mortgage lenders.”

Whilst many are happy to book an appointment at the Homeline offices, for some clients it is more convenient to have a mortgage adviser come to their home. Vicky added, “In the case of young families it really helps if an adviser can visit them at home to make mortgage arrangements, and similarly for more elderly clients, it can be a more comfortable and relaxing process. There is no additional charge for this home visit service, and if it makes life easier for our customers then we are happy to go the extra mile… literally!”

Recent TV coverage from financial gurus such as Martin Lewis, the money expert, has promoted the use of mortgage brokers, as they offer an independent overview and are not tied in to any specific lenders. Whilst there are plenty of online comparison sites available, you may find that some of them have a more limited offer and are linked to specific mortgage lenders. Not only that, but by going via a broker you have a higher chance of acceptance as your adviser will go through the detailed application process with you, ensuring you have met all the lending criteria, and will make an application on your behalf to the most suitable lender.

Homeline Mortgages can help with all types of mortgage including first time buyers, buy to let, Director mortgages, self-employed and lifetime mortgages (equity release). Vicky added, “Even if you are not planning to move home now but haven’t reviewed your mortgage for the past 4 – 5 years, it’s worth having a chat with us to see if we can find you a preferential mortgage deal. Interest rates remain low and there are some favourable mortgage products currently available.”

To book an appointment or a home visit call Homeline Mortgages on 01202 937444.


A fee may be charged should you proceed with a Mortgage or Protection application.  Please ask your adviser for further details. 

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments.

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