Maybe putting all your eggs in one basket isn’t such a bad idea…

Here at RB Prestige we pride ourselves in offering bespoke finance, sourcing and an unrivalled car-buying experience all in one place. With Easter just around the corner, Rob is going to take us on his very own hunt through a selection of RB Cars in the showroom, all sporting the RB Prestige Blue; a coincidence, we are sure!

First stop, the Audi RS5; an absolute animal in every way! This car should have its own ASBO. Apparently a naturally aspirated V8 engine is worth mentioning, but this awesome car lives up to every boy’s (and girl’s!) dreams mainly because of the sports exhaust. It is earth shattering! You know you are in something special when you have finished decelerating for a zebra crossing, but the car decides that it wants to clear its throat just once more, scaring the wits out of me, and I was inside the car! The kids crossing the road may have had to go home and change before dinner that night… Despite all this evil-grinning fun, nothing can take away the rush as you finally find that open road and pin the accelerator. The Quattro system clinging to the road, the comfort (and best heated seats on the market), along with a stereo that competes only with the beautiful sound of that exhaust, reminds you how Audi achieved a Super Muscle Race Coupe Family Safe machine of just wow!

Next as we progress through the showroom is the Subaru WRX STI. The rally car that every young boy (and girl!) dreamed of owning thanks to those early Sunday mornings sat on the bedroom floor playing DiRT Rally (or Colin McRae Rally if I’m totally age-honest). With the unmistakable sound of the boxer engine (to be fair, Kyran put that in and I’m not sure what that means – I was too busy having fun!), the Subaru WRX still makes a noise that paints a smile on anyone’s face, while now having a touch of class! The interior is surprisingly cool, with comfortable seats, air con, Bluetooth and ambient lighting that just seduces you to “drive me like you stole me!” It is great to see that the iconic huge rear wing is still going strong; even if I did jump every time I remembered it was standing behind me. Another All-Wheel Drive system means that even the worst driver can be assured that the Subaru will mop up most of your mistakes, this WRX drives sensibly and simply when you need it to. I would happily have this car as my own; manual gearbox, enough power to outperform most cars on the road while also having the ability to transform into the perfect family saloon. The fact that my son thinks it’s the bulletproof car from GTA5 may be the cherry on top!

Is that the queen’s fanfare I hear? Well, only if it was remixed a little and a bass beat added. Because that is what has been done to this extraordinary Jaguar XF S, elegantly cloaked in the perfect combination of Caesium blue and black styling accents.  Mainly for fuel consumption of course, this Jag has a tuning package, too, which makes it, well… fun. 375bhp on a rear wheel drive car would usually mean you are in for a bucketful of over-steer or traction
control, but instead it is refined and sophisticated. As you sit in the cabin, the tech is mind-blowing – Sat Nav that is Google street view and you can control pretty much the whole car from a phone app (a little scary when Kyran started the car from his desk in the office while I was checking out the upgraded exhaust). This car is in a different class to the Audi or the Subaru. Yes, it has the performance, but it is that little bit more ‘dignified’. But don’t be misled by the Jaaaaag rubbish you hear; this car has been put together by the hands of pure class, but sprinkled with technology from Formula One…oh, and did I mention, it’s diesel? Yes, that’s right; high performance, great fuel consumption and still less emissions than a lot of petrol cars your mate told you to buy because of Brexit winning the World Cup.

Last, but by no means least, is the 1991 Porsche 964 convertible. Well, it wouldn’t be an RB Prestige Easter car hunt without an awesome classic car to put the newer generations in their place. I love this car, mainly of course because it is Porsche. Automatic, which wouldn’t usually be my first choice, but the accelerator sends this old lady into racing rapture! The previous owner installed a full stainless exhaust system to this car which complements the engine perfectly, adding some welcomed raucous to the drive, but without shouting too loudly at small dogs and passers-by. I have written a lot about RB Classics recently, so I won’t go on too much about this awesome car. But, driving this along Sandbanks Road with the top down accompanied by the spring sea air, all I can say is, I get the same buzz with this stunning 964 than I ever had with her younger 993 or 997 sisters.

So, there we have it. Forget about Easter Eggs this spring and set your eyes on the treats RB Prestige have for you, delivered with a sweet mixture of professionalism and a family-focused attitude! Nothing in our select showroom to take your fancy? We also have unrivalled expertise to help our RB Clients source, inspect, collect, finance, customise and maintain their Next Car, First Car or Dream Car. All this while making the process the fun and exciting experience it should be!

Happy Easter from the RB Team!

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