Meet David Whiffen; head Chef at the elegant Neo Restaurant

We talk with David Whiffen, head Chef at NEO, to find out more about the man behind the exquisite food and unique dining experience

What made you become a chef?
I had wanted to become a chef from when I was around 4. At this age I was watching TV and saw a chef on the screen, I then turned to my dad and told him that was what I was going to be. I also had grown up around the culinary industry, as my mum was a baker and confectioner, she was constantly making works of art in food. This also inspired my career choice.

How long have you been a chef?
I began working in kitchen when I was around 13 washing dishes and I went to college and did hospitality when I was 17. So, I been working in kitchens for around 45 years and I have been cooking in kitchens for about 40 years.

What has been the biggest highlight of you career?
I cannot say just one highlight as there are too many to count but I think some of the best opportunities I have had are opening the world headquarters for the royal bank of Scotland and being able to cook for her majesty the queen, winning a silver medal at the world culinary Olympics in Germany and winning junior chef of the year under the age of 21. However, one of the biggest highlights does have to be being able to bring joy to people through food.

What changes have you brought to NEO?
In my few months at NEO I have been able to make changes by bringing in new ideas and through producing new menus.

What the most popular dish at NEO?
There is not just one dish at NEO that is popular, there are so many, but if I had to say there is one dish from each section that does stand out. From the mains it is the Duck dish however for the starters it is a toss-up between the seared scallops and the twice backed cheese soufflé.

What is your most favourite dish?
Off the new menu I have too many favourites to choose from but a few that stand out as my favourite to cook and plate are the saddle of rabbit, the halibut and the scallop starter.

What do you love about working at NEO?
Working at NEO is an amazing opportunity and there is not just one thing I love about working there. The people and the atmosphere are definitely major factors.

You can find NEO in the heart of Bournemouth; a stones throw away from the beach and pier, call 01202 203610 or email to book your table and get a taste of the extraordinary food for yourself.

Tel. 01202 203610

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