Flexitarian; or just a normal diet?

Flexitarian is a word which has only recently appeared in our day-to-day vocabulary but one which seems to be trending in the ever-developing world of people’s dietary needs…

But what does it really mean?

The oxford dictionary definition is “A person who has a primarily vegetarian diet but occasionally eats meat and fish”. I don’t know about you but this to me appears to be describing what we would call a good old fashioned “balanced diet”, but we have somehow warranted the need to coin a title for it. Why so?

In a market where the extreme is becoming more popular, and restaurants are becoming more and more niche in their menus, it’s hard to keep up with what, how much and how far operators should be going to cater for all everyone’s requirements. It’s a veritable minefield of can and can’t eat, and the worry is that too little or too much might alienate or offend certain foodie types. Which of course no restauranteur wants to do.

I like the idea of this Flexitarian creature, a casual vegetarian who looks for the benefits of a sustainable yet well rounded diet where nothing it off limits but everything is viewed in moderation. It feels inclusive and surely a win win for all those involved?

“Veganuary” is not a term which I like to appropriate as it sounds much like a fad, and the connotations are of those wanting to jump on a band wagon for a limited time. Why not instead look to become inclusive all year round, and this Flexitarian ethos is what  we’re  going  to  focus  on  in  2020.

Living life in balance sounds like a mantra that we could happily stick to.

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