Our favourite local eatery; Roxy’s Bistro Bar

If you live in Bournemouth and haven’t eaten at Roxy’s you are seriously missing out. We chat to Adam about how he has created one of the best places to eat locally.

How long has Roxy’s been established?
Roxy’s first opened it’s doors in 2012. After many years of hard work, training and gaining qualifications in the industry it was Roxana’s dream to open her own Bistro, similar to those seen across the continent.

What what type of experience can visitors to your business look forward to?
First and foremost a warm welcome, as if your a part of the Roxy’s family, it’s only thanks to our customers that we are still going strong after 8 years! Once inside they will find themselves in an extremely comfortable surrounding, where they can relax in the morning with their coffee and breakfast, sit in the garden and enjoy drinks and lunch in our al fresco dining area or meet friends and family for evening dinner accompanied with alcoholic beverages from our fully stocked and licensed bar.

I take great pride in our dishes and all meals are made fresh to order, so our customers can definitely expect to enjoy great food at a great price.

We also have numerous themed nights throughout the year which are worth looking out for, including our favourites; 4th of July and Romanian day.

What type of food are you cooking in the kitchen?
Well we are whats known as an American European Bistro, as the dishes have been shared across the Atlantic for centuries.It also means you will get the best of both worlds – the European taste in American sized portions!

Plus not many people will know this but we have specialised in European and Romanian food since day one and through the evolution of the business we also specialise American dishes.

So what’s created the links between your restaurant, Romania and America?
Roxy herself is Romanian, she comes from a beautiful town called Brasov, which I highly recommend every one to visit, and of course it is home to Dracula’s Castle, historians will know this as Vlad the Impaler’s home, a man not to be messed with!

The American link comes from my sheer love for the American culture, the food, the sports, the films and everything in between. Plus there are huge links between the States and Romania itself.

You mentioned the American sports, on my visit to Roxy’s I saw a fair bit of sporting pieces strategically positioned around the bistro?
Yes, we really try our best to help promote and give exposure to our local American sports teams. They are all a great bunch of people who I am proud to now call friends, they give a lot of their own time and money to participate in their sports and all live a happy and healthy lifestyle which is something Roxy and I truly believe in and also encourage in our Bistro.

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Tel 01202 259505
Visit 313 Charminster Rd, Bournemouth BH8 9QP


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