How does the purchase of a fire or stove proceed?

You have decided that you want a new fire or stove, that’s great but what do you do next?

The purchase and installation of a new fire always begins with a journey and everyone’s story is different.

We want to make it as smooth and as straight forward as possible for you to achieve look you envisage.

Based on your personal wishes and expectations, your budget and the possibilities that your home offers, you probably have a preference for the type of fire or stove that you want to purchase. You may also have an idea on which design type would fit well in your home. You can then search for a fire or stove that matches your needs exactly or you may have already found the one!

Visit a showroom
Our showroom offers a vast array of styles and types from some of the most prestigious manufacturers in the industry right now. By visiting our showroom you can view and compare many different options side by side allowing the mind to find possibilities that you may never have considered, and a well-informed choice for purchasing is mainly made by seeing the fire or stove that you want in real life. This also gives opportunity to ask questions about efficiency, installation and future maintenance.

Arrange for a survey
Booking a survey is one of the key points on the journey, this not only gives us the opportunity to view location of stove, flue etc, but also gives us the time to discuss all the options with you, it allows you to ask every question that springs to mind and we can establish whether the vision you have is possible and allows us to give you the all-important costs for installation. Did you know… We don’t use salesmen, we have our own team of installers and everything can be done through us so you only have one point of contact.

What should I pay attention to when purchasing a fire or stove?
One of the most important points to pay attention to is choosing a fire or stove with the correct capacity. You may be leaning towards choosing a stove or fire with a high capacity, but if it has too much capacity in proportion to the room, the appliance and the space around it will get too hot. It is wise to take the dimensions of the room to the showroom with you when you choose a new stove, heater or fire. We can use this information to give you the best possible advice.

What happens next?
You want to proceed with the quotation, contact us or pop in and see our office team we will then prepare the paper work, once we have received a deposit (often 40% of the total cost) we will then order materials and arrange dates that are mutually convenient, then we just wait for everything to arrive.

It really is a very simple process and if ever you are unsure about anything we are always available during our working hours to talk through the details.

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