Prestige Holidays cycle Australia!

Prestige Holidays are doing a year of good deeds – and throughout March they are ‘cycling’ from Sydney to Perth to raise money for CFS Foundation.

For their March Good Deed they are hopping on exercise bikes at Prestige HQ and collectively cycling the 2,310 mile distance between Perth and Sydney to raise money to support volunteer firefighters.

With the recent devastating Australian bushfires, the CFS Foundation has supported a great number of volunteer firefighters affected by the fires in Cudlee Creek and on Kangaroo Island. Some were injured and many lost their homes. Others suffered extensive losses of property, crops, fences and livestock while they were firefighting to protect their communities.

Although Prestige Holidays has already donated to the Salvation Army, they feel that they want to do more to support the situation, and this challenge will raise money to support volunteer firefighters and their families.

They will be posting various updates on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter throughout the month including various Facebook live sessions.

Any donations, however small, are greatly appreciated, you can donate here:

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