Bring a taste of the Mediterranean to your home

Nadia Rossi, owner of Rossi International, talks to us about the passion behind Rossi International – which offers a range of delicious Mediterranean foods and beverages handpicked by the Rossi family so we can enjoy them in our home.

At Rossi we have always tried to offer a bespoke service to all our customers. We have a whole package for all your catering needs, FOOD, EQUIPMENT AND FUEL.  We have lorries coming in on a weekly basis from Italy and supplies from large wholesalers throughout the UK.

Being of Mediterranean background our families have always had a passion regarding food and all that goes with it. We wanted to transmit the knowledge and that passion to our customers.

We stock ambient, chilled and frozen products. From all pizza ingredients, which have been very popular during lockdown, oils, cooked meats, marinated olives, cheeses to a fantastic selection of frozen foods, which include all shellfish,  individually sliced desserts and ice-cream from Disotto Foods, luxury cheesecakes made to our specification and an award winning Italian Gelato from a family producer in Turin.  We also now offer vegan, gluten free and vegetarian options with some great flours, cheeses and desserts.

We have been supplying ovens for the trade sector for a number of years but seeing how more and more people are enjoying cooking and especially outdoor cooking we are now the sole importer of Rosso Fuoco Ovens. These ovens are not only for pizzas but all varieties of food. The ovens arrive ready to use and the only thing you need to attach is the cart – if this is purchased.  All very easy and quick. They are lightweight, durable and made of high quality material.  The attention to detail is 100%.  They are compact so can be placed anywhere in the garden and thanks to the wheels and handle are easy to move without any problem.

To complete the package we also stock 100% beechwood with all necessary certification and in accordance with new regulations coming into place next year.

Many of our items are all sourced and we try as much as possible to collaborate with family businesses that have years of experience and great pride in what they do.

We are in the process of setting up a buyonline shop through our website which should be up and running very soon but due to the changes in the last couple of months we have found many people contacting us through social media or word and mouth wanting to try out some of our goods. The way people think about food is definitely changing and more and more of you are not afraid to give it a go!  We’ve had some great feedback from people who we have delivered to and have sent us photos of their masterpieces. We are becoming more creative in our food choice.

Until our site is ready we ask for people to contact us via our website: or give us a call if you need any advice. Always happy to help.

T. 01258 857210

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