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Today, I would like to educate you on one of the most misconceived and misunderstood aesthetic treatments – dermal fillers. From looking at social media and reality TV in recent years, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s only about Kylie Jenner cheeks and Love Island lips. But there are so many more uses for dermal fillers, and I’m going to take you back to school to learn a thing or two:

A is for acne. The National Institutes of Health, USA have published several papers documenting the clinical benefit of dermal fillers for acne scars. Hyaluronic acid-based ones such as Juvederm® are recommended, as they plump and lift sunken scarred areas from beneath and stimulate collagen production to continue to improve skin quality over time.

B is for backs of hands. One of the first areas to start showing signs of ageing, as we often forget about our hands when applying sunscreen everywhere else. A dead giveaway of our real age is the more visible veins and tendons that appear when the skin loses its elasticity. Dermal fillers injected into the backs of the hands can replace the lost volume and bring back smoother, bouncier skin.

C is for conk (sorry, that one was a stretch). Liquid rhinoplasty, or the non-surgical nose job, is becoming popular as an affordable, non-invasive alternative to surgery due to its lack of downtime. It involves injecting fillers above and below the bump of the nose to make it straighter, or around the tip so it appears thinner, lifted and more refined. The results are immediate, although temporary, and often rival those given by traditional surgical procedures.

D is for dark circles. When many late nights have taken their toll and your sunken, purple under-eyes give you zombie-apocalypse vibes, you could try tear-trough fillers. Injecting fillers under the eye will level out the tissue to instantly refresh your appearance, and the delicate surface of the skin is lifted away from the blood vessels to reduce those dark shadows.

E is for earlobes. As you age, the earlobe tissue can sag and wrinkle. Wearing heavy earrings can also stretch the piercing holes, so earrings end up sitting off-centre or clinging for dear life to the bottom of the lobes. Injections of filler into this area can correct the positioning of earrings and restore a youthful effect.

F is for feet. Lovers of high-heels will recognise the burning sensation in the ball of the foot when standing for long periods. A popular red-carpet treatment is the injection of dermal fillers into the sole of the foot, to create a cushioned effect that’s more permanent than a gel insole. Now that’s commitment to a stiletto!

Meet Shikha Rishi
I am a highly experienced Aesthetics Pharmacist and have a number of years training under the world-renowned Dr. Katie Goldie in Harley Street, London and Dr Tim Pearce at SkinViva, Manchester.  My own clinic is based in my home town of Bournemouth.  I am a conscientious practitioner. I want to understand your aims and expectations and together we will come to a joint treatment plan. This is proven to give a much more natural and longer-lasting result than a “one size fits all” approach to Botox and fillers. I only use the most advanced techniques and products in my consultations including the well-established Botox and Juvederm ranges. I look forward to welcoming you into the clinic and to begin our journey together, revealing a more elegant you.

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