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With the popularity of artificial grass growing due to the numerous benefits it offers we talk to Shaun King, Director of South Coast Artificial Grass to help find out if this is the right option for your outdoor space.

What surfaces can artificial grass be laid on?
Artificial grass can be laid on a variety of surfaces from your standard garden to a balcony or roof terrace. It can also be used to overlay an existing paving, decking, concrete or tarmacked area.



Do I need to do any preparation before the artificial grass is laid?
Yes. It is important that the ground the artificial grass will be laid on is as smooth as possible. Any lumps, bumps and stones should be removed to avoid an
uneven look.

As a company we will always excavate a residential grassed/soil area to a depth of around 75-100 mm (3-4 inches), (commercial areas and areas prone to high water retention or clay based grounds we will go even deeper). We will then install where required any retaining edging or a timber frame to ensure the base remains compacted once in.

We then install a base layer of either MOT type 1 or 20mm limestone to an average depth of 50mm (2 inches), this is then compacted with the use of a wacker plate before a top layer of either 6mm-dust limestone or grano dust is installed at an average depth of 25mm (1 inch) again compacted before fitting a weed proof membrane and finally fitting
the artificial grass.

Some other companies will use sharp or grit sand as a second layer, we avoid this for 2 reasons – 1) if the artificial grass area is to accommodate dogs that urinate on the grass it will clump up and retain the urine and smell 2) the artificial grass is permeable and in time with rain it can wash away and create voids and uneven patches.

Are there different types of artificial grass to choose from?
Yes. There is a wide range to choose from. Not just colours but density, lengths and type of pile (blade or woven). Some are designed more specifically for example – putting greens, heavy use, decorative and schools etc.

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