Are you working from home?

James Gray Exclusive Garden Rooms, Workspaces and Studios allow you to create additional space to service your individual needs and separate work and play in a purpose-built environment.

There was a time, that the question “Working from home tomorrow?” was a hushed conversation between co-workers in the office corridor, with only a minority of the staff seemingly afforded this trust or privilege. Nowadays of course, for the majority of us, it’s very much the ‘norm’.

With businesses across a multitude of different sectors reviewing their long term options and strategies regarding their needs for a traditional central office, people have been seemingly accelerated into a position of needing to simultaneously juggle the home and work-life itinerary within the four walls of their homes. We decided to dig a bit deeper into this recent phenomenon, and asked local Garden Office company, James Gray, about their experiences of how people are reacting and adapting to the recent changes. James Beardow, Sales Director at James Gray explains…

The world has changed inexplicably in such a relatively short period of time! We’ve fundamentally changed our behaviours in so many ways, from our working patterns to how we shop, interact with others and socialise. We’re simply choosing to spend more time at home and as a direct result people are now reassessing the interior and exterior of their home environments to make sure that they are practical and comfortable for the long term.

We’ve found that customers have been generally ‘getting by’, some working at the kitchen table, others in their spare rooms, however the feedback is that this simply is not sustainable, professional or good from an ability to mentally ‘switch-off’ and differentiate the boundaries between work and home life. The money people are saving from not commuting to work is now being channelled into improving their quality of life at home. The road ahead seems very clear, and this is echoed by recent surveys citing that 87% of managers believe that home working really is the future.

Whilst most of our enquiries at James Gray are indeed to facilitate garden home offices, people are also looking for sanctuary’s on their doorstep in which they can indulge in their passions and activities; relaxing in such pastimes as painting or music rooms, gyms, studios and garden retreats as just a few examples, so that they are not fully reliant on being continually within the confines of their homes.

That’s where we come in. Our garden rooms are individually bespoke designed to meet the customers’ individual and specific requirements. We work together, hand in hand with the customer to capture their vision and work to bring the space to life. Our aim is to make the process of design fun and the output practical, robust and visually stunning. With the interior requirements, we make sure it’s custom built down to the finest details depending on the main purpose of the space. In the case of a home gym for instance, this could be adding wall mirrors, strengthened floors with rubber floor matting for weights, the position of the lights, fitted audio systems etc.

We also consider the outside area. You may require a quiet and dedicated place to work during the day, but you may desire a place to relax or entertain guests at the weekend. We have a range of external options from decking designs and outside kitchens to fire pits, Jacuzzis and saunas. The options are endless!

All our units have a wide range of external finishes from Cedar, Larch, English oak, to even options including Japanese Shou Sugi Ban wood from the Nakamoto Forestry and of course all are fully insulated, making them practical and comfortable to use all year round – and with the winter months insight this is important!

We offer a free consultation for customers and our prices include installation and VAT, so if you would like to explore how the team at James Gray can improve your use of space with a Home Garden Office or Studio, get in touch.

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