Could Japandi design create a calmer home?

Japandi is a key interiors trend which is growing in popularity. As the name suggests it cleverly balances Japanese minimalism with the soothing natural textures and clean lines of Scandinavian home design.

These complementary styles could be a great choice for 2021, where we’re likely to be spending more time at home, to help create more harmony and peace.

Most of us naturally feel better with less visual clutter and visual ‘stuff’ and the neutral palette which layers contrasting textures, tends to relax rather than stimulate us.

Blonde and white woods complement white walls and pale grey, which have become the neutral staples of our homes in recent years.

DESIGN TIP: Break up large expanses of wood floor with oversized shaggy or Berber style rugs, with their nod to texture and coziness. Texture is key, especially in the cooler months, and oversized knitted or faux fur throws bring a tactile softness and comfort, and avoid the look being too stark or sterile.

Greenery and biophillic design
2020 has so far had us all spending a lot more time in our homes, putting additional stress on family life. Japandi style touches on biophillic design, which means ‘love of nature’ and is all about incorporating plants and the natural world in our living and working spaces.

Plants cleanse our indoor environment, increasing the oxygen and reducing carbon dioxide and as the temperature drops, we’re more likely to keep the windows closed and central heating cranked up.

Plants also visually soften our spaces and enhance our well-being. Think Japan and you think Bonsai, but succulents, ferns, ivy and palms are fantastic indoor plants. So it’s worth making space for some greenery, especially if outside access is limited.

Calling the colour lovers
While Japandi naturally leans towards pale neutrals and the greens and browns of nature, print is also key from the Japanese influence. Block prints, geometric designs and fun colour-ways enrich and enliven a space.

Contrasting wood tones
Whilst Scandinavian style lends itself more to pale and mid-tone woods such as ash, birch and oak, with the Japanese furniture element we think of lacquered or black woods. Ercol presents both these tones in many of their collections to
stunning effect.

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