The importance of choosing the correct lighting

There are many factors to consider when choosing the correct lighting for your home. Lighting is multi-purpose, to get the best of both worlds, try to create ‘lighting layers’ with ceiling, table and floor lighting. Layers will help to create different moods, meaning that you can switch your environment from ‘work’ to ‘home’ mode and back again quite quickly, which is something that many have struggled with over the last few months.

Think about what you need and what will help you day to day, perhaps you need bright overhead lighting in the kitchen area, accompanied with softer pendant lighting over the kitchen island, for when the cooking is done and you want to create a warmer atmosphere. If you find yourself heading towards recessed lighting, make sure that the lights are positioned well so that there are no shadows where you need light the most. Shadowing can be effective, especially around the edge of the room but again, think about what will work for you.

Table and floor lighting help to create a warm and cosy feel, especially in the darker months. Though they can also be used for task lighting – something that we’ve seen a rise in demand for due to people working from home a lot more this year.

If you are worried about the lighting being too bright, consider using dimmer switches.  Dimmers can make lights more versatile and will allow the feel of the room to change quickly.

If you would like further advice on the best way to light your home, please get in touch. We also offer a home visit service that can be carried out via video call if necessary.

We care about you and your home, with thousands of lights to choose from, our priority is you.

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