4 Wellness New Year’s resolutions you should try for 2021

Do you set yourself New Year’s Resolutions? Here at Arcadia Beauty Spa, we’ve been thinking about ours. For us, it is all about making sure we maintain our physical and mental health and wellbeing. In 2020, it became clear how important wellness is. This should continue even more in 2021.

What do you want to achieve this year? What do you want to do? In what way would you like to feel better?

Here are some ideas for wellness New Year’s Resolutions:

1. Book yourself in for a massage.
Massages help to lower stress, help to manage chronic pain and increase your immune function. They are also a great boost for your mental health and wellness.

2. Go for a facial.
Have you ever had a facial before? Did you know they are great for skin rejuvenation, improving circulation, detoxifying your skin and reducing stress? Get pampered, and leave with incredible feeling skin.

3. Detox!
Starting the new year with a clean slate is a brilliant way to go. You can detox in anyway you wish, perhaps have a sugar detox, or go for a full diet overhaul. Shed the Christmas weight and start eating plenty of the good stuff.

4. You can also do a digital detox.
Get rid of unwanted clutter in your digital world, be it phone numbers or apps! This will give your mental health a much needed boost.

As we get started with 2021, start as you mean to go on. Taking care of yourself is vital in life. So don’t feel guilty about self-care, investing in yourself is essential for your physical and mental health and wellbeing.

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