How Oltco is leading the way utilising waste plastic…

8,000,000. Eight million. 8 mill.

However you write it, the figure 8 million is still huge.  That is the approximate number of pieces of plastic pollution that is making its way into our oceans every day. That’s 2,920,000,000 pieces of plastic polluting our oceans every single year1.

Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole have a number of lovely beaches including Sandbanks, Alum Chine and Avon beach. Fast forward 10, 20 or even 30 years from now and we run the risk of losing these family-friendly locations to the devastating effects of plastic pollution. Instead of feeling the sand between our toes, we’ll be walking on miles upon miles of washed up pieces of plastic.

In the UK we throw away 8.5 billion straws every year2. Many of these straws end up polluting our oceans, causing devastating consequences for wildlife across the globe, and ruining our beautiful beaches.

We all know the importance of cutting back on our single-use plastic, but what about the waste plastic that is already in circulation? One solution is to turn it into your driveway, pathway, patio or pool surround. While this may conjure up images of a surface made from a mishmash of bottle lids, straws and food packaging, thanks to Oltco it is quite the opposite.

Oltco has come up with a solution to help combat this global issue, whilst also creating stunning surfaces through resin. Headed up by Robert Wilson, Oltco Bournemouth & Southampton is on a mission to utilise waste plastic that is already in circulation, whilst transforming outdoor spaces with its industry leading Recycle Bound product.

Recycle Bound is the world’s first recycled driveway solution to help combat the global issue of plastic waste. Made from waste plastic (straws, plastic drink bottles and plastic food packaging) from a plastic recycling point, each square metre of Recycle Bound consists of the equivalent of 3,000 plastic straws. Therefore if Recycle Bound was laid on a standard 50 square metre drive, the equivalent of 150,000 plastic straws would be recycled in the process.

Oltco’s Recycle Bound solution has the same 20 year guarantee that the company’s other resin bound solutions have and has been thoroughly tried and tested by the expert team. If the driveway needs to be replaced in the future, the Recycle Bound solution can be taken up, then crushed and graded so that it can be re-laid as a base layer for a new driveway. Alternatively a new driveway can be laid directly on top of it.

Recycle Bound has been developed to be even stronger than other resin solutions meaning that the tensile strength is higher, and it can hold more weight. Recycle Bound offers all of the same benefits as Oltco’s other solutions including permeable properties which therefore makes it SUDS (Sustainable urban drainage system) compliant. In addition to this, the melting point of the solution is 250°C meaning that even if the UK has another heatwave, the plastic will not melt in the way that some other surfaces would.



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