Protecting your home in winter

Over the past few years, some areas of the UK have experienced an increase in the severity of winter weather. That is why it is so important to look after your home as some claims that you make, may be rejected if your home is poorly maintained.

Here are some winter protection tips and key things you should do every year:

  • Ensure regular boiler maintenance including servicing. Boiler breakdowns are one of the main causes of home insurance claims in thewinter months.
  • Check your guttering and drains – these can very easily get blocked with leaves and moss and can cause water damage and flooding, so check them regularly especially after a storm.
  • Insulate pipes – broken, burst pipes can turn into an expensive claim. They are often run in walls and under floors and so leaks can go unnoticed for some time. They can also freeze and cause the pipe to burst. Ensuring pipes are properly insulated is essential.
  • If you go away during a cold spell, leave the heating on low, to help keep your home free from frozen pipes and frost damage.
  • Keep an eye on any nearby trees and ensure any overhanging branches are cut back as they can cause major damage to your property if they fall.

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