The greenest deepest clean in Dorset! 

Highly effective, friendly, chemical-free deep steam cleaning service for tenants, landlords, letting agents and homeowners across Dorset.

Why use steam cleaning?
Rather than using products full of chemicals, a steam cleaner heats water to the point that it creates a steam or vapour, which is usually hot enough to kill bacteria, viruses, mould and fungi on surfaces, allowing us to clean and sanitise your home or workplace, killing pests and disinfecting surfaces using ordinary tap water and a bit of elbow grease.

Steam is also great for removing stuck on bits of food or grime from kitchens, bathrooms – really anywhere in the home. And we’ve found that steam cleaning can even improve your homes air quality, further safeguarding your family’s health.

End of tenancy steam cleaning
At the end of a tenancy agreement, we understand that the landlord and letting agent can be fairly uncompromising when it comes to the cleanliness of the property being vacated. Outgoing tenants will expect their deposit to be refunded in full, while landlords want the reassurance that their property has been left in good order.

This service is focused on creating a clean, sanitised environment, with special attention to certain must-haves such as stain removal to carpets, and spotless kitchens and bathrooms. Each room will be checked for any belongings left behind, which can be collected, returned or disposed of according to requirements.

New home buyers steam cleaning
Buying a new home can be a busy and stressful time, with everything that needs to be organised the last thing you want is the extra pressure of cleaning your home before you start unpacking all those boxes!

This service is focused on helping you enjoy the house moving experience more, by creating a sparkling clean, sanitised environment, leaving no trace of the previous occupants – including the smallest details such as door and window handles, window channels and seals, plug sockets, light switches, ceilings and skirting boards.

We also offer a moving out service where we can do a full check of all rooms, cupboards and other spaces to make sure you haven’t left any belongings behind.

Special offer – 10% OFF*
We are offering readers an exclusive offer of 10% off your first clean, just mention House & Lifestyle magazine when booking. (*Terms & conditions apply. Offer ends 6th April 2021).

You’ll be simply amazed at how clean your home will feel after a steam clean, call a member of our team today on 07886 086803 to book one of our steam cleaning services or to request a quote.

T. 07886 086803 01202 778889 (Evenings only)

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