‘MY’ lockdown success story

Meet Mirna Yatim; owner of Wear MY Leggings Fitness Apparel, a Personal Trainer and Boxing/Kickboxing and Muay Thai coach based in Bournemouth.

After being in the fitness industry for nine years, competing in boxing/kickboxing and trying different types of training including Karate and Body building, it is safe to say that I have owned many different brands of athletic wear, specifically leggings! But with every purchase I would find something I would have done differently, or even alter it to fit me in a way I felt would be more flattering on my body. Most importantly, I needed more comfort and support.   

That then gave me the idea of creating my own brand of leggings! Two years later and probably around 15 different samples in, I had one pair – that was it! The material was just right, the fit was body sculpting, the waist was high and supportive, stretchy for comfort but yet they kept their elasticity! I was over the moon but had to compose myself until I had fully tested them. I wore them for weight lifting, boxing, running, HIIT, you name it! I was really happy.

I wanted to create designs that are unique and make you stand out from the crowd. Leggings that you would want to own the minute you lay eyes on them. Designs for all shapes, curves and sizes that turn heads for all the right reasons! I believe if you walk into a room oozing with confidence and feeling comfortable in what you are wearing, then that’s what everyone would see. I want women to be brave in wearing figure-hugging clothes, bold in trying out new patterns and designs, and simply feeling beautiful in everything they wear!

Picture credit (Left) G J Mace – Digital Art; (Above right & top of page) Driftwood Media

I’m a massive animal print lover. I drew my design on an empty piece of paper and then handed it to a good friend of mine Lindsey Legg who’s a graphic designer from spotgraphics.co.uk. She put the design from my head onto her magic screen and off it went – the TIANA Leggings!

I decided that every pair of leggings would be inspired by someone or have a story behind them, and that they would have a name. TIANA is named after my 9 year old daughter who also does Kickboxing and has a fearless personality but yet very kind and gentle, hence the Leopard and the Zebra.

I placed my first order in December 2019. My stock arrived on the 20th of March 2020. Despite going in to lockdown just three days later, I sold out of both TIANA and LINDSEY (the sister design to TIANA created by Lindsey herself) within just three weeks! That was purely through advertising via Facebook and recommendations from family, friends and clients. Fast forward to a year later and I now have more than 15 designs of leggings, five shorts, six hoodies, six cropped tops, vests, face masks, bags, running tops and more to add!

I simply could not have done it without the love, support and trust I have gained from our lovely incredible community. I call you all the “MY” family and I sincerely mean it! Many women tell me about the different encounters they have with others they see in Wear MY Leggings, and how they look at each other and just smile even without having met before, mostly leading to a friendly chat.

I appreciate your support in every single way, whether it’s reading this article, or recommending my brand if you have tried it before. You can visit our website at www.wearmyleggings.co.uk to see our current full range.

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