Why do I get back pain when I’m sitting?

Recent surveys have been reporting an increasing number of people complaining of back pain now a vast majority of the country are working from home. But is it really the lack of computer desks and dining room chairs that are causing all of the problems?

Before lockdown around 2.5 million people a year report suffering from back pain. A poll for Medserena Centers showed that 71% of younger age groups reported experiencing back pain at least once a month and not surprisingly this includes nearly two-thirds of professionals. So if we had all of these problems when we were working in offices with ergonomic chairs and accurate desk set-ups, what is causing your lower back pain?

Just like we can get cavities in our teeth we can get cavities in our spine, called subluxations. These come from things like accidents and too much sitting. These subluxations can be present in your spine for many years and it can then take something as simple as a change in the type of chair you sit in or sleeping in a different bed that stresses those subluxations and they become symptomatic.

Having subluxation in your spine puts you at risk of developing back pain at any time and with one in five people who suffer from back pain having to give up their job, reduce their hours or give up their favourite activities and sports its crucial you know if you have it. If you want to get your spinal health checked we advise you seek professional help from your local Chiropractor.

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