Is your head too heavy?

As a Chiropractor many people say to me that they feel their head is too heavy for their shoulders and they would be absolutely right. In these cases these people are experiencing something called anterior head syndrome, which comes from increased use of mobile phones, computers and driving.

Using these devices causes our heads to move forward away from our shoulders, this increases the relative weight of the head putting more strain on your shoulder and neck muscles, your spine and spinal cord. Similar to holding a bowling ball, if you hold it close to your chest does it feel heavier or lighter than when you hold it out in front of you? Heavier of course! Putting more strain on your arm muscles and joints.

Continued use of technology can eventually lead to your head becoming stuck in this forward position putting constant pressure on your shoulders and neck which can lead to tight and achy shoulders, loss of neck movement and pain, headaches and even pins and needles in the hands.

Assessing and correcting posture is key to good muscular and spinal health and if you haven’t had yours checked before I highly recommend seeking out your local Chiropractor to get checked.

At Pure Wellness we use a specialised programme to accurately assess your posture and show you the changes we need to make. If you would like more information then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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