Do you really have knee pain?

Do you suffer from knee pain on the front or the inside of your knee but you’re not really sure how it started because you’ve never actually injured your knee?

This is something I commonly hear in practice everyday, people reporting knee pain but they haven’t suffered a fall, bad tackle in football or direct blow to the knee. So what could be causing it?

Well I’m sure you’ve heard the song – ‘your hip bones connected to your knee bone, your knee bones connected to your ankle bone’ and so on. However a lot of people forget this when it comes to looking at knee pain and they only look at the knee. Throughout my many years in practice I have found that 9 times out of 10 there is no problem with the knee at all but a lack of movement in the pelvis. Just like to hip bone attaches to the knee bone all the muscles of the top of your leg run from the pelvis to the knee. So when your pelvis stops moving properly either through too much sitting, too much lifting or a fall, the muscles of your leg tighten and refer pain down into your knee especially when you’re walking.

So if you experience knee pain but you’re not sure where it is coming from book in for a FREE Discovery session with one of our team of Chiropractors at Pure Wellness we would be happy to help.

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