Resin bound surfaces that are bespoke and tailored to you

We all want our homes and outside spaces to reflect who we are and our personalities. Resin bound solutions provide you with the flexibility to tap into your creative side, which is why Oltco can help you make your vision a reality to create your dream outside space.

A popular stylistic choice is to use two contrasting colour blends to add dimension to an outside space. For example, you could have a light grey patio area and a darker grey border to create a dramatic contrast. From outlining parking spaces on a driveway to separating sections of a patio, these borders can be used to accentuate anything you could possibly want, so not only does it provide a practical purpose, it also looks great.

We offer a wide range of both traditional and contemporary colour blends to suit every aesthetic. We are also able to create bespoke blends to create a colour that is entirely unique and tailored to your needs. Unlike traditional paving slabs, concrete or tarmac, resin bound comes in a wide range of colours and might be the finishing touch needed for your outside space.

With our wide range of colours, it can be hard to pick just one… so why not pick two or three?

Mixing and matching colour blends can be a great way to highlight different areas of your outside space as freshening up your garden patio or driveway.

You can keep it traditional and pick two different natural blends or if you’re after a modern finish, our contemporary blends work perfectly together to create a sleek and stylish look. Our team is always happy to provide guidance and advice on colour blends and combinations that suit your outside space.

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