Interiors by Haroys ask: Are you a freestanding or fitted wardrobe advocate?

If you’re wondering whether to choose freestanding or fitted wardrobes for your bedroom, we at Interiors by Haroys can help.

We’ve shared some commonly experienced challenges from our customers for your assistance.

If you’re looking to maximise your space, then custom designed fitted wardrobes can create more storage space than freestanding wardrobes by better utilising all the available space from floor to ceiling. When made to measure, you won’t be inhibited by the standard sizes that off the shelf systems can bring.  At Interiors by Haroys we can provide wardrobe doors crafted into shapes that fit even the most awkward spaces.

Wardrobe interiors in a fully fitted bedroom can be configured to fit into nooks and crannies unusable with standard freestanding bedroom furniture.  Wardrobe interior layouts can be customised to exact specifications, giving you exactly what balance of storage you wish for your clothes, shoes, accessories and handbags etc. You will need to consider whether you need more space for hangers or folded clothes, and design your wardrobe interior to suit your personal requirements as everyone has different requirements.

If your room has sloping ceilings, curved walls and uneven walls, to fit a standard rectangular wardrobe system can look out of place but with the flow of custom built wardrobes, you’re not restricted to right angles and can choose any angles you require to retain the room’s fluidity.

L-shaped and narrow bedrooms are the hardest to make look uncluttered and often feel claustrophobic and unwelcoming. Bulky freestanding wardrobes can end up being placed in positions just where they fit and not where they would look best or the easiest location to use, making a room seem cramped and uncomfortable.

A well planned L-shape or sloping roof can add character to the room so long as the wardrobes are fitted correctly and into the corners, achieving a pleasing balance – essential in a room where one goes to rest and relax.

Bedroom corners don’t need to be exact 90 degree angles to accommodate a well fitted corner wardrobe, built in bedroom cabinets can be hand crafted to follow the angle of the walls so units hug like a glove, internal drawers can still slide open and close with ease, and odd gaps can be neatly concealed with matching doors, drawers and pilasters.

With our skilled tradespeople, we can also help to obtain the correct mood you seek, through thoughtful bedroom lighting.  We can create a relaxed night time ambience or lift a dreary small room by fitting spot lights to light up every corner for those gloomy days. Freestanding bedroom wardrobes and furniture usually relies on overhead lights and bedside lamps which inevitably have unsightly cords to add clutter. 

By incorporating lighting into fitted wardrobes, it’s possible to find exactly what you’re looking for in your wardrobes.  Also, by having a back lit mirror over an integrated dressing table area ensures you can always be picture perfect – without disturbing your sleeping partner.

Unlike our fitted wardrobe range, free standing furniture is often only available in limited colours and finishes, to keep production costs down. However, when you order a bespoke fitted bedroom (home office, kitchen or bathroom) from us, we can offer a much wider selection of finishes and colours, even colour matching when required.  This is because our furniture is crafted to your exact requirements, from raw materials.

Now you’re appetite is whetted, why not come and see us in our new Westbourne showroom to see an example of our work?  We open next month and will look forward to welcoming you then!

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