Housebuilders must get social… and fast

Social media is no longer an option for developers, it is an essential channel to reach potential homebuyers of all ages, locations and demographics. Having a strong presence on social platforms is hugely beneficial to a developer. A professional looking feed or grid says good things about the company’s approach, well-considered posts help to build a strong brand, to improve brand awareness and targeted ads can help you to attract your ideal buyers, rather than the masses.

Having a social media account isn’t enough; it must feature interesting posts, opportunities to interact and target the right audience to have any positive effect. Housebuilders large and small struggle to create engaging content and deliver a consistent feed. Housebuilders have a real opportunity to embrace social media and attract your idea homebuyer. Other sector players such as estate agents and rental companies are reaping the rewards of a consistent and considered approach. The new homes sector should experience the same returns on sensible social
media investment.

Unless you’re in a position to hire someone to manage your social media it can be difficult to achieve a professional social media presence. Ad hoc posts without a plan can result in a confusing message and might not reach your desired audience. Intermittent pictures of staff birthday cakes, new joiners and the office dog are fine now and then, but they don’t deliver on what must be the purpose of social media; increased brand awareness and engagement, and of course, increased sales.

It’s important to have a strategy and to stick to it. Plan your posts and make sure you have a good mix of compelling content honed for your ideal audience. Stories are the place for more informal messages and time-sensitive content. By making simple guidelines you can ensure your team stays on track.

Video is becoming more important on social media channels. Instagram and Facebook are now prioritising video content and engagement is up to 10 times greater with video over still images according to HubSpot. Apps make posting videos to social media really easy, but it is important to ensure your content is professional and on-brand.

Understanding who you’re talking to is important in any form of marketing. With social media, you’re open to the public, but that doesn’t mean you have to use a wide net approach. Think about your audiences as a hierarchy; which is your most important audience group? We’d suggest it’s most definitely the potential home buyer. Yes, you want to communicate with local communities, local government bodies, investors and even other developers, but your customer must be your priority. If your post isn’t for them, why not and how could you make it more engaging for them?

If you’re not a big social media user, or perhaps you don’t check your brand’s channels regularly, perhaps now is a good time to review how your social media may appear to potential home buyers. Thinking about the above, what would a potential buyer take away from your social posts? Does it inspire them to consider one of your developments for their next home? If not, why not? Review, plan and execute.

Finally, social media isn’t just a megaphone to put your content out there; you must interact too to get the very most from social platforms. Reply to comments, answer questions and comment on other people’s relevant posts. Engagement is a key factor in how platforms decide where to display your posts and how often.

If this sounds like something you need to be doing, but you don’t have the time or resources to do it yourself, we can help. Antler offers a comprehensive social media management service, taking away the pain of content generation and posting. We’ll devise a strategy based on your goals, set a plan and implement it on your behalf. We can even manage your engagement with others too if you don’t have the time to do it in-house.

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