Interiors by Haroys ask: Do you prefer a shower, bath or perhaps a sauna in the peace of your own home?

Interiors by Haroys is a destination showroom where a customer can just walk in from the street, gain some inspiration for one’s own bathroom whilst obtaining valuable professional inputs for design, product and technical issues to help you achieve that dream bathroom.

At Interiors by Haroys you are sure to receive first-hand experience from our design team and receive help to source all your required relevant products.  Unlike big chains, as an independent we are able to provide a very personal service, to take the time to listen to your requirements and provide an unmatched customer support that goes beyond the larger stores, online or over-the-phone service, to ensure we take  you from concept to an uninterrupted bathing or showering experience.

Focusing on complete bathroom solutions, Interiors by Haroys offer everything you could dream of in the bathroom space through respected and award winning global brands who conform to the highest quality standards. With advice from taps, sanitaryware, showers, wellness products – such as plug in and go personal sauna units, modern shower enclosures, integral cisterns, the latest in bathtubs, water heaters and bathroom accessories, we can help you decide the best option for your space.

We’re committed to helping our customers turn their dream bathroom into a reality and with our team of well-trained design consultants and customer service professionals, we’re ready to help.  By establishing the needs of discerning customers, we are able to offer design inputs and expert advice in the selection of products and services that will meet your expectations, whilst taking care of everything from installation, service and maintenance – offering customers total peace of mind.

If you desire something more than just a shower or a bath, we are also able to offer a selection of wellness products from saunas to steam rooms, so why not be the envy of your neighbours!

For example, a sauna is key to wellbeing.  Traditionally made of wood and using dry heat to induce perspiration, we can now provide electric infra red saunas, which are neat and easy to install and clean.

Sweating is one of the main ways our bodies rid themselves of toxins. Proving popular with sportsmen and women and celebrities alike, just 15 minutes in one of our Jaquar saunas can provide a day’s sweat, and the benefits of this aid in many medical conditions.

  • Detoxification – Saunas stimulate the body to release fat-soluble toxins and other toxic chemicals in sweat via pores, more effectively than any other form of heat therapy or exercise. The list of chemicals claimed to be removed from the body includes: mercury, lead, copper, cadmium, manganese, sodium, chloride, arsenic, nickel, benzenes, recreational drugs, prescription drugs, anaesthetics, cholesterol, urea, nicotine, sulfuric acid.
  • Immune System Enhancement – A typical sauna session will cause a temporary increase in body temperature by 1 to 3 degrees Fahrenheit. Fever is the body’s defence against bacteria, microbes and consequent infection and results in boosting immunity for general wellbeing.
  • Stress Relief – A very common complaint these days is stress.  Continuous strain on our nervous system can lead to high levels of stress but 15 minutes in the sauna can reduce stress considerably.
  • Pain Relief and Control – The heat in a sauna can help melt away muscular pain, cardiovascular and other skin conditions.
  • Skin Cleaning and Rejuvenation – Saunas open clogged pores allowing for removal of daily grime from dirt and pollution to oil, and makeup. There are also improvements in skin problems such as acne, rashes, burns, eczema and psoriasis with regular use of a sauna. Scars, even keloids, may be gradually softened with the help of heat and moisture.

So now you’re thinking, “Do I have space for a sauna too?” why not come and see us in our new Westbourne showroom to see an example of our work?  We open next month and will look forward to welcoming you then!

For more information on Interiors by Haroys visit our website at, with a new website ready for unveiling shortly, or please telephone 01202 686236.

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