Why it’s important to relax

Mental health is a big buzzword at the moment but why is it so important that we focus on taking care of it? Mental health isn’t something to be embarrassed about, it is just as important as our physical health. We go to the gym, long walks or maybe dance for our physical health but what are we doing for our mental health?

As more and more research is being done into mental health and stress it is becoming more and more apparent how it is impacting our overall health and becoming a major risk factor for many chronic diseases.

At Pure Wellness we use a test called heart rate variability, which allows us to check a number of different things. It shows whether or not your stress system is balanced well with your resting and healing system and it also shows us how much fuel you have left in your tank and if you’re close to burn out.

This is important because it shows your bodies capacity to heal and deal with life, once we know these figures we have a number of different services we provide to support you in getting your mental health and stress re-balanced and to put some fuel back into your tank.

The newest addition to our services is our restore studio where we are now offering our Rest&Restore classes, learn to breath, learn to release plus Yoga and Pilates.

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