It’s all the rage and it has come to Bournemouth

Experience rapid recovery from sports injuries as we Scan & Treat in the same session and help you become your own Health Boss. Friday Open Days 11am to 2pm, Taster sessions from £40

Curious about your health?
We have found a way to feel better, quicker. Experience rapid recovery from sports injuries as we Scan & Treat in the same session and help you become your own Health Boss.

We look at the processes keeping you healthy then use our Bio Resonance system for Accelerated Healing which means:

  • We can reduce your time off because of injury by up to 50%
  • For sports, you can train harder for longer!
  • And we help you become your own Health Boss

Beneath the surface there are a lot of things that can go wrong, leading to good health vanishing all too quickly. With the increase in antibiotic resistant diseases, bacteria & viruses are wreaking havoc, with our bodies expressing all manner of symptoms.

Our Bio Health scan completes a fast automated full-body scan and treats you in the same session. The All In One Biophilia takes preventative health measures to the next level. Many families are waking up to a better way to manage their health thanks to our unique method.

“The physio signed me off from tennis for six months because of a sprained back! I did a session on the AIO Biophilia system and felt the pain leave me. After three weeks the physio finally let me play again. The best part? I experienced no further pain.”

Kevin Davies is the enthusiastic, full-of-life Founder of Bio Health Scan that focuses on Frequency Medicine technology to help people recover from sports injuries and chronic pain, quickly.

Kevin’s remarkable story began when he sadly lost 90% of his gross motor function due to an unprovoked attack from behind. This blow to his head knocked his health back for years while he dealt with back spasms that felt like sharp little stabbing knives on his nerves. It was when the doctors told him there was nothing more they could do, that Kevin, with all his positivity and determination looked for alternative solutions to get his body back on track.

That was the beginning of his new life changing journey, leading him to discover the amazing benefits that Frequency Medicine has to offer. He is now a trusted advisor and distributor of Bio Health Scans that automatically detect pain signals at the source and then treat it rapidly.

Call Kevin today on 020 7965 7548
Friday Open days 11am till 2pm
Taster sessions from £40

  • Bioscan Mineral & Vitamin report
  • Bio Health Scan 20 min demo

T. 020 7965 7548
A. Walton House, Richmond Hill, Bournemouth BH2 6LT

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