Give me one good reason why I need a Letting Agent!

DEBBIE BOYES, Director at Fleur Lettings, answers this question from a Landlord…

Well, to start with I can give you over 400 great reasons!  Did you know that there are currently over 400 pieces of Legislation which are relevant to renting out a property? 

In the last 5 years alone there have been 6 major Acts which impact on Landlords, and with  The Rented Homes Bill expected in 2022 keeping on legislation in an ever changing environment is really important!   

Using a great Letting Agent means that you can rest assured that you are always compliant.

There are also so many things which we do to make your life as a Landlord that much easier … and if you think we are doing nothing, then we are doing a great job behind the scenes as this is how you should feel with a great Letting Agent behind you.

One of our Landlords explains this very nicely.  “We moved our rental property under Fleur’s management three years ago, when our previous agent, who we had been with for 12 years, wanted to increase our fees.   Fleur’s initial joining offer, along with the fact that they don’t charge VAT, has meant our running costs have decreased, resulting in a decent increase in our investment return.   Their advice is invaluable about the rental  market and they work hard to ensure our investment keeps pace.  What a difference!  Added to that, the Team is always friendly, fun and helpful; we really feel very well looked after and are so pleased we moved to Fleur.” 

If you need help with this, or any other area of renting out your property, please contact the friendly and knowledgeable Team at Fleur Lettings on 01202 001080.

Fleur Lettings … worth every petal!
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