5 Ways to make the most of your space

Stylish solutions to step it up a notch.

While some things in the home can be short-lived, passed on or recycled, we all want our bathroom flooring to be functional and hardwearing, especially considering its footprint. But we also need comfort to the touch of our toes, good looks, and possibly offering the illusion of space, too, as wash rooms are frequently on the small side.

Inspired by spa-like elements and equipped with the latest features, while the bathroom carpet debate rumbles on, here’s how to achieve the right flooring for your layout and lifestyle, according to the experts…

PICTURED ABOVE: Mediterranean Estrella 524 Vinyl, £24.99 square metre, The Floor Room | Handout/PA

Vinyl is viable and in vogue
“Vinyl and luxury vinyl are ideal flooring solutions for bathrooms,” says Stuart Hannah, showroom manager at The Floor Room.

“Particularly hardwearing and unaffected by spills and splashes, they’re able to effectively emulate more expensive materials and designs – such as stone or ceramic tiles – whilst also benefitting from an easy and affordable installation process.

“In a bathroom, the flooring is an essential design element, as it helps set the tone of the space, so think about what ambience you’re trying to achieve.

“Neutral, natural material effect vinyl, such as stone and wood, will effortlessly add a calming feel, whilst a bold repetitive tile adds colour and personality that can be toned down with plain walls and accessories,” suggests Hannah.

PICTURED ABOVE: Vogue Pink tiles, suitable for both floor and walls, £48 square metre, Porcelain Superstore | Handout/PA

Pad around on porcelain for a boutique hotel-inspired bathroom
“Bathrooms are no longer the utilitarian spaces of old; they’re sanctuaries, spaces in which to unwind, relax and recharge, and this move is reflected in bolder, more flamboyant flooring options,” says Abbas Youssefi, co-founder of Porcelain Superstore.

“Vogue Pink commands attention. Its striking pink
tones and swirls of coral give it a luxurious, almost onyx-like feel. There’s real glamour to this tile and it’s large format finish gives it a continuous look throughout, adding a real sense of space to even the tightest of spaces.”

PICTURED ABOVE: Brecon Warehouse Oak Stratex Flooring, £44 square metre, Woodpecker Flooring | Handout/PA

Wooden flooring with the wow factor
Darwyn Ker, managing director of Woodpecker Flooring says: “Traditionally, wooden floors and bathrooms don’t mix. But Woodpecker’s next generation Stratex collection has all the aesthetically-pleasing looks of traditional wood flooring, but is resistant to humidity.

“The Brecon range in particular, is waterproof too – making it the perfect choice for stylish bathrooms. Everyone loves the beauty of wood, and its natural character adds style and warmth to every room. But high humidity and wood are not a great combination. Our gorgeous Stratex boards offer the best of both worlds.”

PICTURED ABOVE: (left) Luxury Dolce Polka Dot Bath Mat by Designer Abyss & Habidecor in Gold, £270 (70 x 120cm), The Rug Seller | Handout/PA; (right) Bathroom with walk-in shower fitted with underfloor heating | Handout/PA

Radiate the room with underfloor heating
Emma Merry, founder of Emma Merry Styling, an interior designer on home renovation and design platform Houzz.co.uk, says underfloor heating is an element they often work closely on with clients.

“We look at where they will benefit the most from the heat pads, creating our own bespoke heating plan.

“We outline exactly where the mats will be laid, for example, shower and bath exit points, or in front of the vanity unit. This means we aren’t spending unnecessary money covering the whole space.

“While underfloor heating is still very much a luxury add on, with this considered approach, it becomes more efficient and affordable.”

Think beyond the bath mat: opt for a washable rug
“When looking for a floor covering within the bathroom, our advice is to not only search for ‘bath mat’ options but also consider a washable rug,” advises Daniel Prendergast, managing director of The Rug Seller. “With washable rugs, you can choose from a variety of sizes that will not only add warmth and comfort underfoot, but look fantastic. They’re suitable for all floor types, whether tiles or wooden floors.”

If you have underfloor heating, it’s a good idea to choose a rug with low thermal resistance, and be hessian rather than felt-backed, he adds. Give careful thought to the thickness and the size of the rug, so it has a negligible effect on the performance of the underfloor heated system.

“Tiled floors can be cold and uninviting, so adding a large washable rug or mat will not only add warmth and texture to your room, it can also help to prevent slipping on smooth surfaces. Consider buying two rugs in the same design, one for the bath or shower, and one for the sink or vanity unit.”

Words by Sam Wylie-Harris, PA

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