I have a Tenant who has complained about mice at their property. Who is responsible for sorting this out?

MANDIE THAKE, Lettings Manager, at Fleur Lettings answers this question … Of Mice and Men (or Women)!

This is an interesting question! The Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 (Section 11) introduced the requirements for Landlords to carry out certain repairs.   The legislation is clear as to what constitutes a repair and for which parts of the property the Landlord is responsible.  Whilst the Landlord has to carry out the repair, it does not automatically assume that the Landlord has to pay for it!

A clear example would be a broken window; the Landlord is responsible for repairing it, but it will depend on how the window was broken as to who is responsible for the payment.  The Landlord should still carry out the repair in a timely fashion (or risk a Court determining a breach in the Landlord’s  duty to the Tenant), even if that means paying for it initially.   

However, there are some grey areas – one of which is Pest Control – and simply recommending that the Tenant puts out mouse traps will not be the answer! As most mice gain access through a hole in a wall or roof – it would be an issue of the structure of the property and will require the Landlord to repair any such access point and eradicate the mice. However, if the mice are outside, is the Tenant disposing of their refuse correctly?  A good Letting Agent will work hard to resolve such issues!

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