The Blue Tulips’ guide to… Designing your own garden

In last month’s issue we created a number of initial design ideas. This month we will use these to create two strong conceptual designs.

Revisit your working drawing and focus in on the lines, shapes and scale that give you the most pleasing visual impact. This will allow you to create two strong conceptual designs which may be developed from two initial ideas, or a combination of ideas from your working drawings. 

The lines on your drawings may be either straight, curved or a mixture. Consider how these best suit the overall impact on the plot and your property style. 

Do you prefer the squares and rectangles or circles and ovals that you have created? Which of your working drawings has the best proportion of hard landscaping, lawn and planting areas?

The reason why I recommend that you have two concepts at this point is to allow you to consider both layouts from an aesthetic and cost view point. The visual impact is a personal choice but the size of hard landscaping areas will determine the main cost of the project, both in materials and labour. 

You may wish to take your concepts out into the garden and pace out the shapes you have created. You could use bamboo sticks and string to show the shapes and scale of your ideas actually on the ground. You could view these from different aspects of the garden and house to get a better idea of your thoughts.

Next time… bring your ideas together for your final concept and consider your  material choices.

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